So here is it, my very first blog……

Here goes….. a business milestone for me, my very first blog!

My children would be highly embarrassed if they knew I was starting a blog as ‘I’m not the coolest mum around’ however here I am, trying to catch up with the ever evolving world we live in.

A little about me (must remember, this is not an interview!)

As a mum of three, life certainly comes with it’s challenges. My 20’s were dedicated to my children’s school pick ups, ever changing clubs and toddler tantrums. I worked every job under the sun (each of which I could find a flaw with) but just grinned and bared them so that I could embrace those freshly bathed, crispy dressing gown night time snuggles. Now they are older, that all seemed so easy.

Fast forward 13 years and the hard part begins, time to find my identity again. After much deliberating, I decided to take the plunge and turn my passion into my career.  Scared is an understatement but only because I’m coming out of my ‘baggy jumper and top knot’ mummy comfort zone.

I’m currently just about to finish my first year in a university degree, training to be an antenatal teacher and postnatal practitioner whilst also completing training to become a doula. These subjects open many perinatal and parenting discussions and choices which I would love to explore more in these blogs.

Now to decide what to explore first…



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